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Scheduling Services using Oracle Primavera P6

Scheduling Services using Oracle Primavera P6

Making the jump from Oracle Primavera P6 theory to building well-structured Gantt charts can be a big leap. For many organisations, it’s often a matter of trial-and-error; a lot of time and effort can be wasted trying to put together Oracle Primavera P6 files. Meanwhile, your projects are proceeding in the background and you’re not able to access the breadth of information Oracle Primavera P6 can provide when used properly.

Do your projects suffer from any of these common symptoms?

  • Does your project team have trouble successfully managing the project schedule?
  • Does your project team complain that the schedule “no longer reflects their plan to finish the project”?
  • Do your projects tend to finish late, despite the addition of extra resources to finish the work?
  • Are you not able to accurately predict your resource needs and finish dates?
  • Do you lack confidence in what your project team reports for progress to-date and project completion?
  • Is your project team unable to provide acceptable supporting documentation for change order time extensions or delays; resulting in eroded customer trust through unsubstantiated negotiations?
  • Or do you absorb the cost of acceleration or extended overhead and liquidated damages because your schedule was not developed and managed properly to provide you with a valid basis for negotiating time?

Unfortunately, there are many simple errors and mistakes made due to a lack of expertise in planning and schedule development which will lead into the above problems. We help you overcome these.

  • The most common problem is poorly developed work breakdown structures, (WBS), resulting in poor Gantt Charts, an inability to verify the entire scope of work is reflected in the schedule, and the lack of detail necessary to create reasonable logical relationships.
  • Another common schedule issue is the excessive use of constraints. This impacts the schedule calculations for determining the “critical path” (longest path) and float values. Unless there is a justifiable reason (external event not in your control) for a constraint, logic should be used to determine the start or finish of an activity.
  • Many schedules have incomplete logic. This is a common problem and discredits the entire schedule.
  • Excessive use of start-to-start, (SS) relationships. This is usually due to incomplete WBS decomposition which does not allow the use of relationships to drive work in a logical, reasonable way.
  • Excessive use of relationship lags. These do not allow an accurate schedule presentation and are usually due to incomplete work decomposition. I even see a lot of negative lags, which is not a recommended or best practice.
  • Schedules without specific calendars assigned to activities or resources. This limits your ability to accurately model the activity scheduling or control the resource scheduling.
  • Incorrectly assigned resources or cost.
  • No logical activity code assignments. This limits your ability to filter, sort and analyze the schedule.

Put an end to your frustrations with our Oracle Primavera P6 consulting services. Our expert team of Oracle Primavera P6 consultants can quickly and efficiently point out the flaws in your project files, helping you schedule and manage the project seamlessly.

Let us help you do what you do best. Join the thousands of Australian businesses we’ve helped deliver their projects on-time and on-budget. Proventures scheduling and project controls consultants are equipped to provide proactive and forensic consulting services utilizing the best practices of Project Management based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Oracle Primavera P6™ is one of the many tools Proventures scheduling consultants use in communicating, planning and analyzing a project’s scope and schedule.

Proventures will publish your project’s schedules online so that you and your team can access them from your web browser using Project Online.

Developed by Oracle Corporation, Primavera P6 is an advanced project planning tool which allows Proventures consultants to effectively plan and execute work prior to project commencement. By integrating cost and schedule prior to the project ground-breaking, Proventures can identify and eliminate potential delays and cost overruns from occurring.


Proventures primary goal is to help our clients manage the scheduling components of their projects using Oracle Primavera P6. We can be your scheduling partner while, at the same time, developing Oracle Primavera P6 skills within your organisation.

Alternately, we can provide an end-to-end scheduling service with input from your subject matter experts to develop your plan, identify risks within the schedule and provide updates and reports.

Oracle Primavera P6, unlike many of the other Project Management products, requires training and practice in order to be used effectively. An alternative approach to training is to utilise our team of master schedulers to develop, maintain and report on your schedules.

Few Customers that we served for the scheduling services are

  • Inventia Healthcare
  • Beumer
  • Tata Projects

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Collaboration & Scheduling Services using Oracle Primavera P6 Professional 19.0


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