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ProMIS - Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Information System – On Cloud
A solution that drives business transformation
What is Power ProMIS?
Power ProMIS is an integrated Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) application suite that helps enterprises to
  • Ideate, screen and analyse, score and approve new ideas.
  • Propose new projects, initiate, plan and execute and close projects in a systematic manner
  • Manage multiple projects in an integrated manner from a benefit orientation
  • Manage multiple projects, programs and operations to align with organizations strategic objectives with a portfolio orientation.
  • Centralize data, information and knowledge and make informed decisions and forecasts
  • Continually learn and grow in maturity
Why Power ProMIS?

A recent study by McKinsey found that the average lifespan of companies listed in Standard & Poor’s 500 was 61 years in 1958. Today, it is less than 18 years. 51 percent of small businesses are 10 years old or less, and 32 percent of small businesses are 5 years old or less.

Average life expectancy of an individual is 72 years (2020 assessment). The ideal situation should be reverse. Organizations should outlive an individual.

One of the major causes of higher mortality rate of the enterprises is their inability to adapt themselves to the changing PESTLE environment and fast changing expectations of the customers and stakeholders.

The best known and powerful approach to sustain the organization and keep them in the growth trajectory is to integrate business transformation into the very DNA of the organization.

Such transformation demands integrating Project, Program and Portfolio Management into their structure, governance, and culture of the company.

The picture depicts a balanced structure of any organizations. Undermining any of the building blocks will weaken the structure and causes its downfall.

Power ProMIS helps the enterprises to maintain this equilibrium by strengthening the following building blocks:

  • Project management
  • Program Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Planning and optimization

For the companies that use ERP for managing their “Operations”, ProMIS will be a right companion to balance their PPM part of the structure.


Subscription based licensing - Ready to use Configuration

FastTrack implementation, Training, Hypercare support – all in one package

Change adoption and support for business transformation

Pool your resources and share across multiple projects for optimum resource utilization

Powerful analytics using Microsoft Power BI seamlessly integrated to the solution with built-in reports

Manage your projects from anywhere!

Solution components
  • Project center
  • Resource center
  • Program center
  • Portfolio Center
  • Multiple lifecycle models – Ideation, Project, Program, Portfolio, Change
  • Agile / Kanban board
  • Analytics, Dashboard and Reports
  • Document Management system with approval cycle and versioning
    • Built in Project documents.
    • Stakeholders Register
    • Requirements log
    • Team
    • Scope summary
    • Schedule
    • Risk register
    • Issue log
    • Decision log
    • Change register
    • RACI
    • Multiple baselines
    • Communication plan
    • Meetings and integration to Microsoft Teams
    • Lessons learned register
Target audience
  1. CXOs and decision makers
  2. Portfolio Managers
  3. Program Managers
  4. Account Managers
  5. Product Managers
  6. Functional Managers
  7. Project Managers
  8. Risk Managers
  9. Business and Portfolio analysts
  10. Planning engineers and Schedulers
  11. Team members and leads.
  12. Vendors and Subcontractors
Why organizations need this solution?

Every business is looking into the opportunities with regard to :

  • Work from home is the current and future norm Collaboration is key to success.
  • Data, Information and analysis should be real time and not historical.
  • Business transformation is essential for survival, growth and continuous improvement.
  • Cost and value for money is the primary driver for any investment.
  • Simple, easy to adopt, role centric solution with rapid implementation and early benefit realization.

If the above are relevant to your business, you can evaluate this product.

Fast Track Implementation & Services
  • Workflow based Governance – the solution comes pre-configured with a Project Management Workflow to enable governance and lifecycle monitoring while closely aligning with PMBOK based best practices.
  • Resource Management – the solution enables organizations to easily view and manage enterprise wide utilization and availability of resources.
  • Reporting – Power BI based rich enterprise reports aligning with industry best practices to provide superior Business intelligence for strategic decision making.
  • Issues & Risk Management – Enhanced Risk management capabilities with Risk checklist.
  • Task Management – Industry leading Task management capabilities of Project for the Web.

Application is built on Microsoft Power Platform and hence Data security, Availability, Latency

Consistency in user experience is guaranteed.

Product components comply to ISO, PMI, PRINCE2, Scrum and SAFe standards and methodologies.

Application can be tailored, customized based on organization’s best practices.

A complete digital PMO with governance models embedded.

Integration with legacy applications

Use case based training and recorded sessions for future use.

Technical and functional support / hand holding (Remote) for the project team.

Ability to scale up.

IDTask NameWeek1Week2Week3Week4
1Sales closure and execute contract
2Requirements documentation and Customer sign-off
3Implementation and Publish the sample project
4User training on Client’s environment/portal and hand over

Note : Hyper care support will continue after handover for a period of 3 months Licence extension, additional customization will be taken up during the support based on approval of client

Included in Scope
S NoCategoryIn ScopeFor whom?
1Project Professional 2019 ( Plan 3)One licenseProject Manager
2Team member ( plan 1 )3 licencesTeam members
3Senior executive ( Plan 1+ Power BI pro)One LicenceDecision maker CxO
4Schedule analyser ( PERT Plus ) for Project Professional (Lump-sum 1-year subscription )One LicenceProject Manager
5One-time implementation costAs per the scope docFor whom?
6End user training5-member batchAll the users (5)
73 months hyper-care support up to40 hours Over 3 months

Note : Additional licenses can be added based on the specific requirements at the same rates. However it will be undertaken as separate iteration/phase based on specific requirements and discussion on implementation fee.

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