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Resource Management using Microsoft Project Online and Professional

Resource Management using Microsoft Project Online and Professional

Understanding the resource capacity and skill sets that exist within your organization gives you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. Proventures helps you obtain, structure, and analyze your resource management information and practices to use your talent effectively and streamline resource deployment.

Organizational Skills Identification

The first step is to uncover the skills, roles, and resources that currently reside within the organization. From this data, a simple categorization structure can be developed. This will facilitate resource allocation decisions across the organization. The Project Management Office (PMO) and departments such as HR are often involved in this process.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Once you have a handle on the overall resources available within your organization, you need to get a clear picture of the availability of these resources to support the initiatives within your project portfolio. We recommend a resource management database be created and tied to project priorities. We can help you perform resource estimates (including resource loading and leveling) against your resource limitations, and also run “what if” scenarios to factor in new initiatives relative to resource impact and availability.Our expert consultants are skilled at analyzing any resource shortages or added capacity uncovered, and recommending the appropriate actions that will bring the most value and cost savings to the organization (contracting, hiring, using resources earlier, etc.).

We can work with your existing tools, provide you with the tools, and/or help you procure the right tools to effectively perform resource management functions scaled to your organization’s size and needs.

PMO Structure & Staffing

Everyone in an organization has some responsibility in managing risk across the organization, not just the chief risk officer. Shareholders, rating agencies, and regulators and policy makers request that companies involve their top management and even their boards. However, the right structural and organizational choices, the description of roles and responsibilities, as well as the appropriate definitions of organizational units and reporting lines, are critical to ensuring robust and effective enterprise-risk management. We help clients define overall governance as well as the organization of the relevant risk, finance, and other control functions, and determine how they should interact with one another and other parts of the organization. Furthermore, we provide granular benchmarks on the appropriate size of and cost for different risk and control units.

Risk culture

Mind-sets and behaviors of individuals and groups inside the organization—and not only the risk organization—play a crucial role in the execution of a company’s enterprise-risk-management strategy. We have developed a proprietary approach to risk culture that, for the first time ever, allows for the creation of a specific and detailed description of the core elements of a company´s risk culture, an analytical approach toward measuring and profiling that culture, overarching industry-specific benchmarking, and the identification of specific levers for actively influencing and developing risk culture.

Capacity Planning

When you need to know if resources are overbooked, you can use the Capacity Planning, in the Resource Center, to compare how many hours a resource is able to put in versus how many hours they’re needed on projects.

Building teams using Project Professional

Visual Resource Scheduling – Schedule resources and equipment with a high-level overview of your team’s allocation. Use graphical visuals to tell the full story of resource scheduling and gain meaningful insights into overall resource over/under allocation.

Resource Reporting and Analytics

Unlock new insights into your business with visual reporting and analytics. Real-time reporting allows you to make the right decision every time and allows you to monitor utilization within your team to help with capacity planning enabling you to monitor and improve efficiency and compliance.

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