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About Certified CCPM Training in Hyderabad:

Critical Chain Project Management was developed and publicized by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in 1997. Followers of this methodology of Project Management claim it to be an alternative to the established standard of Project Management as advocated by PMBOK® and other standards of Project Management. In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of the principles of Critical Chain Project Management – CCPM course 2023 and certification cost applicability to managing projects across all organizations and verticals.

The Critical Chain Method has its roots in another one of Dr. Goldratt’s inventions: the Theory of Constraints (TOC). This project management method comes into force after the initial project schedule is prepared, which includes establishing task dependencies. The evolved critical path is reworked based on the Critical Chain Method. To do so, the methodology assumes constraints related to each task.

CCPM Industry:
Program Details:

Instructor led Program

15 hours of learning

5 Live virtual Sessions

Recorded Videos

Courseware - ELearning

Industry best practices

15 PDUs Certificate

Real time case studies and examples

Course Outline
Theme: Critical Chain Project Management Concepts and Implementation using Prochain
  • Traditional Project Problems
  • Impact of Multitasking
  • Basics of TOC and Critical Chain
  • Difference between PERT and CC based project execution
  • Pre-requisites for CC execution – The foundation (tools, processes, mindset / thinking, and communication)
  • Buffer Sizing and Placement
  • Updating the Schedule
  • Using Buffers to Manage the Project
  • Implementation Issues
  • Developing basic schedule using Microsoft Project 2016
  • Perform schedule network analysis, handle warnings and improve the credibility score
  • Project updation methods
  • Understand Prochain® application software
  • Understand Prochain Network diagram
  • Import Project File from excel, build task and resource loaded schedule and enable critical path
  • Import Project File from excel, build task and resource loaded schedule and enable critical path
  • Understand Prochain® application software
  • Create CC Schedule using Prochain for the case project Traditional CC and current version within Prochain
  • Buffer calculation and impact on PB, Rescheduling of non-critical tasks
  • Resource over allocation and resolution in Critical chain
  • Tracking methodology concept in prochain
  • Tracking exercise
  • Understanding fever charts and working with buffer zones
Program Benefits

Experienced Consultants/Practitioners

Industry experts with decades of experience in Training and Consulting. Training more than 15,000+ Professionals in Project Management across the various industries.

Increase career opportunities

As one of the most requested professional skill by employers, understanding of CCPM methodology and tool will expand your career opportunities. Additionally, having CCPM skill increases your salary offers compared to your non-skilled peers.

Improve leadership skills

As a CCPM trained professional, you’re tasked with guiding your team and ensuring effective implementation of CCPM Methodology and building risk loaded schedules with buffers. You’ll also be cultivating skills that are beneficial in any leadership role.

Influence organizational change

An organization with highly qualified and skilled professionals in the area of Critical Chain is more likely to implement change and add significant value to the project delivery. Undergoing the CCPM training demonstrates your knowledge of theory of constraints providing decision-makers with the confidence that you understand the methodology and outcomes of implementation..

Resource Scheduling and Risk Management

CCPM places a lot of emphasis on aggressive estimation of activity durations and provides for buffers to take care of some delays. With Risk Management, we first define what risk is and then discuss the risk management process including risk identification, risk assessment and various ways of reducing exposure to risk. Risk monitoring and control including change control process are also covered.

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) including a simulation approach to finding the distribution of the project completion time is also covered as a topic in this module.

Post Workshop Support

WhatsApp Groups

Active moderation towards the clarifications on the tool, by creating WhatsApp group.

Schedule Audit

We will review and audit your schedules as per the industry practice.

Online Support

On demand learner assistance and support on mutual availability.

Key Takeaways :
Faculty Profiles:
P Seenivasan
P Seenivasan, Director, Proventures Education and Consulting Services Private limited, Hyd has over 37 years of Industry experience in the domains of Chemicals, IT, Training and consulting. Project, Program and Portfolio Management is his area of passion.
Vijay Prashanth
Vijay Prashanth M is a Director (Operations) in M/S Proventures working for the last 11+ years. He is a Certified Professional in Project Management (PMP) and Certified Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) from PMI, USA.
Program Co-ordinators
Rathna Kumari
Rathna Kumari
+91 80724 37416
S. Lakshmi Sivani
S. Lakshmi Sivani
+91 72073 94199
Rahul P
Rahul P
+91 9003064146
Upcoming Training Schedule:
CCPM Live Virtual Instructor Led Training On Demand 5 Sessions 3 Hrs per Session
Monday – Friday
TRAINING MODE Live Virtual Instructor Led Training
DATES On Demand
SESSIONS 5 Sessions
TIMINGS 3 hrs per Session
Monday – Friday
Program Fee:

Online Boot Camp

Individuals from any Industry/Vertical/Domain

*Note: This price is applicable within India Only
₹15,000 + GST * $749.00 + taxes as applicable
  • Instructor led program
  • 10 Live Virtual Sessions
  • Drive through real time project
  • Evaluation version software
  • 15 PDUs Certificate
  • E-Learning Access

Corporate Training

Customized to your Organization’s requirements

Speak to our experts
  • Customized learning model delivery
  • In house and/or Virtual training
  • We provide flexible pricing options.
  • Enterprise Grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Video Recordings of all the sessions
  • On demand learner assistance and support
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Percentage % 90%
Faculty Evaluation
Percentage % 93%
Workshop Structure
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Workshop Content
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Workshop Quality
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Corporate Clients Served

CCPM stands for Critical Chain Project Management.

Theory of Constraints is the concept behind this new technique.

The strength of a chain is in its weakest link. It means, the strength is not primarily based on the material of construction or on the thickness of the metal, but the weakest link decides how much load the chain can withstand.

Every business enterprise comprises of multiple functions. Each business function is run using multiple business processes. These business processes are interrelated and interdependent.

Only when all interdependent processes are performed, the inputs can be translated into products and/or services to complete the fulfilment of the order to the customer.

Can these interrelated business processes be considered as a chain with the processes as links? If any of the business processes, is not able to deliver its intended output, that becomes a bottleneck to the entire flow, affecting the throughput of system.

In order to improve the throughput, we should identify the bottleneck process. This concept can be applied to all business functions across an enterprise.

The application of the “theory of constraints ( TOC) ” in Project Management is called “Critical Chain Project Management”.

This is a big topic for discussion, and I suggest the reader to go through the main article on this section following this link to get more insights on CCPM /service/critical-chain-project-management-ccpm/

Yes. Proventures recommends “Prochain scheduler” ( https://www.prochain.com/ ), if you are using Microsoft Project as a scheduling tool. It is an add-in to MS Project, that creates Critical Chain Schedule and helps to apply all CCPM principles and practices.

Critical Chain scheduling helps to embrace uncertainties and turning them to opportunities instead of treating them as threats. Customers who use CCPM scheduling, demonstrate 15 to 25% reduction in cycle time up their projects compared to conventional scheduling methods.

Yes. We arrange a two day workshop on CCPM methodology and application using Prochain as the software. Contact our education team for more details.

Yes, you can. One user licence costs 650 USD and we can set up plan for one pilot project with a minimal KT and consulting fee and you can take it forward.

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