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E-Learning solution on Moodle

Post Covid as the Virtual Learning has become a new norm. Proventures Learning management system is built on Moodle Platform and supports online training and learning of different courses with variety of interactive modules. It will help the user to easily understand the concepts and purely designed to make the participants to become experts in their subject.


The solution can launch all your courses at on place and can be customizable with security to give the necessary access to the relevant users. You can launch a variety of courses independent to each other and with powerful security the users will be accessing only the intended courses.

Course features:

Each course can have its own set of features based on the content type and the learning activities for the users.

The following is an example of features of Proventures eLearning solution with different modules of Moodle.

1. Course Page:

The course landing page with lessons as shown in the picture.

The lessons are hyper links to the content of the lessons. By clicking on the Lesson Title.

The navigation between the various modules of the course are available for the users to navigate from the each module.

Each Topic in course is presented in book-like format and with more chapter levels which are listed in ‘table of contents’.
2. Quizzes:

Proventures E-Learning module contains quizzes for every course which is a very powerful activity that contains questions, from simple, multiple-choice knowledge tests to complex, self-assessment tasks with detailed feedback. The quiz activity also has Drag and Drop type Questions, Match the following type questions.

These quizzes helps the participants who attended the training to test their knowledge level on each topic of course.

Students may see questions all on one page or on separate pages. There will be a block linking to each question.

Students can flag questions to alert the teacher to possible queries.

In order to finish the quiz and potentially see their scores (depending on the settings) students must click ‘Submit all and finish’ when they reach the Summary of attempt page:

Types of Quizzes:
3. Dashboard:
  • Dashboard will indicate at any given point of time the total number of hours spent on E- Learning course.
  • ‘My Plan’ will help you to plan the total journey and track it. After all, your certification journey itself is an important project and it should be planned and tracked!

4. E-Kit Download:
  • This module contains a rich collection of resources that will help you for the examination and for your practice.
  • You can download them and use it as and when you are need of it.
  • The list include the full set of PPTs, Workbooks, Course exam content outline an other key documents.


5. Flashcards details page

A module providing a memorizing helper activity.

The flashcard implements two play modes:
1. Leitner play mode :
2. Free play mode :

The users use 2 decks with a schedule for review that is calculated automatically.

The users can use a single deck and rotate into cards for helping getting answers in memory.

6. Video Library

This module contains the archive of all Virtual Training Sessions with Access given to only that Session participants group.

7. Glossary Activity

Glossary module is a repository of data in the form of concepts, Entry->Definitions, etc.

Entries could be automatically linked from within course concepts, flashcards etc.,

Entries can be browsed by letters (initials), categories or by date.


For example, for PMP Course, the glossary section contains the glossary of Project Management processes, tools and techniques and other important definitions and key phrases. These key words are indexed against the PMP Examination Content Outline (ECO) domains and the tasks under each domain. This will help the PMP aspirant to learn these glossary items contextually.

After learning, you may test your understanding by playing the flash cards provided under each section.

8. Certificate download
  • Upon the successful completion of the bootcamp, you would be able to download your certificate.
  • The access to certificate download will continue to remain in the course page till one-year validity period.


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E-Learning solution on Moodle


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