Proventures guidance (Training plus the LMS) helped me a lot. The long sessions/discussions with Mr. Seenivasan, Mr. Gopal were simply amazing. Connecting the various topics with real life examples made the concepts easy to learn. Special thanks to Mr. Pradeep for his support throughout the journey. Hats off to Proventures for the quality training. I know Proventures is helping so many aspirants to reach their goals. With the increasing demand for training, I expect you to create a second line of strong faculty members, first line being Mr. Seenivasan and Mr. Gopal.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– July / 2016, Batch No: 117]

Ravi Kaushal Prasad, PMP

Excellent training and Very supportive Connected with the candidate even after the course.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– January / 2016, Batch No: 110]

Saritha Vala, PMP

PMP workshop helped me greatly. All the CFS sessions were really really helpful. I also appreciate the constant support that I received from the Proventures team. I thank the faculty from the bottom of my heart. Any pmp aspirant, I strongly recommend Proventures. Please keep up the good work team. Proventures played a very important role in my success. Firstly workshop laid the foundation. And along with my preparation CFS sessions lead by Prashanth boosted my confidence. The constant support from the team gave me strength to attempt and do well in the exam. Thank you all once again!

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– March / 2016, Batch No: 112]

Kamal Nijhawan, PMP

1. Systematic approach, Experienced faculty.
2.Explanation of concepts with examples.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– January / 2016, Batch No: 110]

Rashmida Jayaratnam, PMP

1. Course is very relevant.
2.Proventures sessions provided me the basic foundation for PMP and made it easier for me as I read through.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– December / 2015, Batch No: 109]

Lambert Simonpal. IZA, PMP

The whole journey with the Proventures for my PMP certification endeavor was very comfortable by getting enough motivation to stick to the goals, exam application guidance and even scheduling the exam. The most amazing thing is they always keep in touch with the aspirants in social network application by providing a question of the day for each day. Well structured course material, training sessions and the way they discuss the real time examples to understand the PMBOK concepts are the incredible. The trainers are very well experienced and demonstrated amazing skills in interactive teaching methods which enable the aspirants to visualizes the real world situations.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– October / 2015, Batch No: 107]

Priya Mateti, PMP

I am very grateful to Proventures for the following reasons: The trainers are highly knowledgeable and motivating.4 days of classroom training is good. WA group after the exam helped stay connected and motivated. For the 4 days training sessions full of knowledge impart from excellent trainers. Proventures really helped me stay motivated throughout. Thanks to the WA group and to the extra sessions conducted by Prashant sir.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– March / 2016, Batch No: 112]

Surat Gupta, PMP

Loved the 4 day training
The information shared and steps to prepare are excellent
Both Seenivasan and Gopal Sir make the class wonderful
Immense. The Class helped me understand the basics of PMP very well.
I couldn’t give the exam earlier because of personal inhibitions, exam fee etc.
Once I did take a call of scheduling the exam there was no looking back.
Thank you for your help.
Now I look forward to sustaining the certification.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– October / 2012, Batch No: 68]

Gokul Sugumaran

Excellent experience, both Mr. Seenivasan & Mr. Gopal were very knowledgeable and explained the topics in detail with excellent examples.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– June/2014, Batch No: 90]


Mr. Venkateshwar Rao Bhukya PMP Certification Training Hyderabad Trainee Surat Gupta Linkedin

I was one of the participant of the PMP Preparation Workshop conducted by Proventures in the month of November 2012 as a part of 69th batch and completed the certification examination on 26th April 2013.
Proventures provides good sessions with more scenario based explanations. Examples integrating all the process groups were given. The online mock tests were helpful.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– November / 2012, Batch No: 69]


Kasi Praveen Kumar, PMP

Format, Trainer Knowledge, Resources and Everything looks perfect.
Continue the same.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– September/2015, Batch No: 106]


Peeyush Thakur, PMP

Fostering great discussions & Sharing of working practices / experiences.
More scenario based questions forcing the participant to utilize the lessons learned during training.
The Sure Track Program was the key to my success in the certification journey.
The journey was eased by focusing on one chapter every week.
The mock exam every Friday forced me to re-read the PMPBOK atleast twice.
After the Sure Track Program when I was focusing on my preparation, Seenivasan sir and Prashanth were very prompt and helpful in clearing my doubts.
Post the Sure Track program, I re-read the PMBOK (Chapter-wise) and completed all the tests on the Proventures LMS.
I redo the Student Workbook as it forced me to learn the PMBOK by heart and remember important points on various topics
I did only 2 PMP Mock exams and was confident for the exam

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– June / 2014, Batch No: 90]


Saurabh Mahajan, PMP® PMP Certification Training Hyderabad Trainee Saurabh Mahajan, PMP® Linkedin

Training was nice. I highly appreciate the same.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– December / 2013, Batch No: 40]


Akhil Walia, PMP

Structured Guidance. Progress with sessions at the right pace.
Ensures that the complete class is understanding the fundamental.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– November / 2014, Batch No: 95]


Shelly Garg, PMP PMP Certification Training Hyderabad Shelly Garg, PMP, PMP® Linkedin

Proventures laid the foundation in my journey of passing the PMP exam.
Guidance from both the tutors (Mr. Gopal and Mr. Krishnamurthy) was commendable. Mr. Krishnamurthy provided examination tips; whereas Mr. Gopal provided the basic concepts. It was a good combination.
Assistance provided by Proventures in filling the application form was helpful.
Teaching style of facilitators was good. Concepts as well as examination preparation tips were thoroughly covered in the training session.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– June / 2014, Batch No: 52]


G Raja Sekhar Reddy PMP Certification Training Hyderabad G Raja Sekhar Redddy, PMP® Linkedin

The course training has been extremely orchestrated and anchored. After the training i am quite confident of completing PMP.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– April / 2015, Batch No: 100]

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