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Primavera Unifier

Primavera Unifier

Project Cost Control
Ensure all cost transactions can be standardized and automated across the enterprise.
Maximize oversight with universal linking to all other project business processes and documentation.
Rely on full template capabilities to support varying practices across business units, programs, or project types.
Easily manage complex cost breakdown structures and business rules with either hard-stop or advisory enforcement.
Create roll-ups of all project costs within the project and across the enterprise.
Contract Management
Manage all contract types (lump sum, time and materials (T&M), cost plus, and more) at a virtually unlimited level of detail.
Use full multicurrency capabilities; select pegged or floating currencies at the transaction level and full roll-up to the project and organizational levels.
Integrate with the cash flow module for contract-centric views of baselines, actuals, and forecasts.
Attach drawings, specifications, and any other supporting documentation to contract records.
Cash Flow Management
Track baseline budgets, actual costs, and manage forecasts either manually or automatically.
View cash flow data both graphically as cash flow curves and in worksheet form for ease of data entry.
Perform cash flow calculations for entire projects, individual contracts, or at cost code level.
Leverage the link to Primavera Unifier Capital Planning for top-down and bottom-up visibility and comparison.
See planner top-down information for prospective projects, as well as bottom-up data from project managers during execution.
Maintain dynamic links to ongoing projects to see real-time roll-up.
Earned Value Management
Synchronize many of Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management projects and their baselines into the Primavera Unifier project activity sheet.
Create resource and role rate sheets that can be assigned to projects and baselines in the activity sheet. •Retrieve earned value analysis directly from the activity sheet.
Retrieve earned value analysis directly from the activity sheet
Measure value earned with graphs that go beyond typical schedule and cost reports to forecast based on future trend analysis
Easily access graphical information showing project variances and forecasts to support key project decisions.
Fund Management
Manage all funding sources and track consumption at all hierarchy levels.
Enable multilevel allocation, appropriation, and consumption of funds in parallel to project budgets.
Control consumption of funds manually or by fund ratio or order down to the schedule-of-value level of detail.
Ensure all funding information across the enterprise rolls up to a single consolidated view for full fund-activity visibility.
Maintenance Management
Perform corrective, predictive, and preventive maintenance with automated configurability for certain conditions.
Provide portal access for raising service and move, allocation, and change requests supporting mobility.

Give users the ability to manage changes with mobile devices.
Manage material and parts inventory, material orders and receipts, material moves, and material adjustments
Calculate costs for maintenance-related and facility management expenditures accurately, for a single property or across the entire portfolio.
Space Management
Create, classify, and organize building floors and spaces by type, including usable spaces, common spaces, vertical penetrations, gross exterior measured areas, or any other customer-specific space classification.

Track space standard compliances, room availability, and occupancy rates in a single building, property, region, or across your portfolio.
Simplify employee and asset changes by leveraging flexible workflows with task assignments, due dates, and space/room selection.
Transaction Management
Initiate and track strategic transactions, such as site/property acquisitions, dispositions, lease initiations, and renewals, subleasing, and terminations.
Automate scope, task, and deadline management using business process workflows.
Perform complex transactions to handle scope, schedules, costs, documents, and related due-diligence processes.
Dashboards and Reporting
Gain visibility of real-time project information on a universal project landing page with fully configurable dashboards.
See into all real estate information across the entire portfolio with drill-down capabilities.
Track performance against business objectives.
View, compare, and report information for a single property or your entire real estate portfolio—in real time.
Export reports to spreadsheets and PDFs and schedule automated delivery of reports.

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