Schedules are the “MOST” important aspect of Project Management. A poorly scheduled project will ultimately result in Project failures and a robust schedule greatly contributes towards successful project delivery.
Schedule Optimizer is a Microsoft Project add-in built on PMI’s (Project Management Institute) Practice Standard for Scheduling principles which evaluates the project schedule and generates a series of reports evaluating the overall readiness and maturity of the Schedule. The on click functionality provides users with an array of evaluations from the project schedule instantly auditing the quality of the project plan.
A click on Schedule Optimizer generates some of the following results about the project schedule

Project Information Tab Provides summary level details of the Project like Project Report Date, Project Name and Description, Project Start and Finish dates, Project Duration, Project Cost and Project Calendar
Status Tab Quickly helps user evaluate the current Status of the project with information like: *Elapsed Duration *Percentage Complete & Percentage Work Complete *Actual Work & Actual Cost *Tasks in Progress, Tasks Ahead & Behind Schedule *Task with Out of Sequence Errors
Tasks and Dependencies Tab Shows detailed information of the tasks and their dependencies *Total Number of Tasks, Summary Tasks & Detailed Tasks *External Tasks & Recurring Tasks *Tasks without Baseline Information *Tasks without Predecessors & Successors *Summary Tasks with Dependencies *Tasks with Positive & Negative Lags *Tasks with Negative Total Slack *Tasks with Concurrency Failures and Warnings * Percentage of Detail Tasks & Milestones Fully Networked
Constraints and Deadlines Tab *Tasks with Soft and Hard Constraints * Percentage of Tasks with Constraints *Tasks with Deadlines

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