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Proventures is pleased to announce yet another flagship support program with the title "Proventures Alumni Reconnect". This is a Professional Development Initiative for certified professionals to network, grow in advanced competencies and earn PDUs.

This will be a pre-registered monthly networking session organized first Wednesday of every month as an evening session between 7:00PM to 8:30 PM. We will make announcements in our website and also communicate through e mails about the date and topics for each session.

Reconnect Session 11

TOPIC : Demand Management

Speaker : John Wesley, MCT, MCTS

This is a Professional Development Initiative for certified professionals grow in advanced competencies and earn PDUs. As part of this initiative. Proventures is pleased to announce this session, on the topic 'Demand Management'.

Registration is Free! However, the number of registrations is limited to 15. So pre-book your seats. Please confirm your attendance through any of the following modes:

  • To register Click here

  • Send an email to or call 9989222775 and confirm your nomination

Date : 12th March 2016 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Reconnect Session 10

TOPIC: Benefit Management

Date : 26th January 2016 at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Speaker: P. Seenivasan PMP, PgMP, PfMP

Reconnect Session 9

TOPIC : 'GOAL SETTING' by Koshy Verghese

Speaker : Mr. Koshy Verghese

Koshy Verghese is the Sr. Advisor to SLK Spinning Mills at Hyderabad. Prior to this, he was the Vice Chancellor of ICFAI University, Mizoram and the Secretary General of the Federation of ICFAI Universities. He has over three decades of industry experience with M/s Larsen & Toubro, M/s Union Carbide India Ltd., Nagarjuna group, and Pennar group. In addition to his present responsibilities, he is on the board of a few NGOs and also the faculty with two international organisations that train people in leadership.

Date : 25th November 2015

Reconnect Session 8

Leadership Attributes Presented by Koshy Verghese

TEAD says Leadership is: "The activity of influencing people to co-operate towards the same goal , which they come find desirable".

Peter Drucker says Leadership is : - Lifting a man’s vision to higher heights, - Raising a man’s performance to higher standards and - Building a man’s responsibility beyond normal constraints.

The process that occurs anytime when you seek to influence the thinking, behavior or development of another person towards accomplishing a goal. It enables to transform the followers into achievers. Ken Blanchard says Leadership is :

Roles of Leadership, Major Responsibilities of Sr Leadership, Qualities of Servant Leader, The Leader sees the 'big picture' , understands the purpose, articulates and shares it with others and finally empowers his people to achieve his vision through goals, objectives and action plans. So, Leaders are Painters of Vision and Architects of the Journey.

Biproducts of success, Burden / Passion Vision Mission Statement Goals Action Plans Result , Mission Statement, Goal, GOAL SETTING

Reconnect Session 7


  • Session Topic Business & Leadership Skills for Project Management
  • Participant's introduction, session objective & PMI updates
  • Q 8t A I Feedback

Date : 24th, September 2015

Speaker: Mr. Subbu Parameswaran, PMP

Reconnect Session 6


  • Session Topic Developing Project Leadership
  • Participant's introduction, session objective & PMI updates
  • Q 8t A I Feedback
  • A Clip on TEDx Talks by Anand Pillai

Date : 27th, August 2015

Speaker : Haqqani Mohammad

Reconnect Session 5


  • Session Topic A Journey from RFQ to Contract & Lessons Learned
  • Participant's introduction, session objective & PMI updates
  • A Clip on Leadership for Project Managers
  • Q 8t A I Feedback

Date : 23rd, July 2015

Speaker : Premnath Jayachandran

Reconnect Session 4

Writing Effective User Stories Krishnamurty VG Pammi Agile Coach & Management Professional

User Stories Tips For Effective Writing Case-in-point 2

What is User Story? So, Why User stories Conversations are important? Epics and Themes.

Tips For Writing "Effective User Stories", Practical Case in Point, Graphical Flow of Epics, Writing User Stories As a Product Owner

Acceptance Tests (or) Conditions of Satisfaction

Reconnect Session 3

Proventures reconnect session on Project Portfolio Management (PPM) P Seenivasan PMP, PgMP , PfMP Director, Proventures Education and Consulting 28th May 2015

Pulse of the Profession SALIENT FEATURES FROM PMI REPORT 2015

High performing Vs Low performing, Basics for a HPO, High-performing organizations, Successful projects, Talent Management,Process focus within HPO, Benefit Realization Maturity

Five organizational styles to strategic technology planning

Business Value, Why ePMO, Enablers for PPM, Portfolio Management Process groups,PPM Process Group Interactions, Deliverables in PPM, Integrated Portfolio Management Plan, Portfolio Functions, Role of Portfolio Manager

Reconnect Session 2

Welcome to the 2nd Reconnect Networking Session On Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Agenda, Introduction, ISO 31000, Principles, Framework, Process, PMI Standard, PMI-RMP, PMI Practice Standard for RM

We found that security is a central tenet across all of the trends described in Tech Vision 2015.

ISO 31000 : Backbone Frame- work Process Principles

Enterprise Risk Management Framework, Risk Management Principles, External context, Internal context, MANDATE & COMMITMENT, Management responsibilities, Design of framework for managing risk, Alignment of Risk management with Strategy, Risk Management in Projects and Programs PMI Standard , Hierarchy of PMI Project Risk Management, Critical Success Factors for Project Risk Management, Key Areas of Focus for the Plan Risk Management Process, Risk Identification to unambiguously define the risks Past Present Future, Structure of a Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk Prioritization (Qualitative Risk Analysis), The Steps Involved in Planning Risk Responses, Schematic Representation of the Monitor and Control Risks ,PMI-RMP® - Overview,Eligibility / Maintainability

Risk Management Domains, Risk Communication, Risk Analysis, Risk Response planning, Risk Governance

Reconnect Session 1

It is not important to complete a work package on time; it is necessary to complete the project on time Project Management Alumni Reconnect # 1 1 Critical Chain Project Management

Evolution of Project Management 90% World Wide are still using 50 year old PERT/CPM Project Management : It is time to change We represent and follow PM standards of the oldest Project Management Association - IPMA


Two Major Assumptions :-Project work is deterministic , The current project management system is effective.

Thesis :- Uncertainty is the cause for failure. By definition of the project and our understanding uncertainty in projects is certain. Therefore, all projects must fail. However, not all projects fail. Some projects succeed despite extreme uncertainty.

Utilizing safety mode effectively


Shelly Garg, PMP

Proventures laid the foundation in my journey of passing the PMP exam. Guidance from both the tutors (Mr. Gopal and Mr. Krishnamurthy) was commendable. Mr. Krishnamurthy provided PMP Certification examination tips; whereas Mr. Gopal provided the basic concepts. It was a good combination. Assistance provided by Proventures in filling the PMP Certification application form was helpful. Concepts as well as PMP examination preparation tips were thoroughly covered in the training session.

[PMP Certification Training Hyderabad, India– June / 2014, Batch No: 52]

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