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Proventures New Partnership with PM4NGOS

Proventures has become the first India Partner to PM4NGOs, a global standard-setting body to develop and administer Project and Program Management standards for development professionals (PMD Pro) among the NGO sector. This is a major step for Proventures to serve the customers and society.

About PM4NGOs

PM4NGOs is an international NGO that promotes and sustains the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector and is the owner of PMD Pro and Program DPro standards and certification programs.

They are committed to the advancement of project management skills of individuals and organizations working in the development sector throughout the world. PM4NGOs develop best practice guides, methodologies, tools, and techniques to help project managers in the development sector to improve the impact of their projects. Their products and resources are affordable, accessible, and appropriate. For example, the PMD Pro and Program DPro standards are freely downloadable for anyone.


Currently PM4NGOs offer two levels of certification in Project Management ( PMD Pro L1 & L2 ) and one level in Program Management ( Program DPro)

The examination is available on-line via APMG International and requires candidates to demonstrate that they know and understand the content of the Project Management for Development Professionals Guide (PMD Pro Guide). The exams are multiple-choice with 75 questions. The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct questions. There is no ‘negative’ marking so an incorrect answer does not lose your marks.

Fees :

Certification has been priced to make the cost affordable to professionals and staff working for NGOs anywhere in the world, with PMD Pro certification available from just US$22 and Program DPro certification available from just US$40. This is applicable for the staff of local NGOs working in the developing world, students and volunteers. For others, the fees are slightly high but much lower compared to any of the certifications available in the market

The standard:

The PMD Pro standard is so simple and easy to adopt. As a Project Management professional following various standards and guides, I found this fascinating and jumped into the certification journey without a second thought and cleared it in the first go.

Principles of Project management

The standard speaks about the following five basic principles of Project management :

Project Management is Balanced! – Projects should be managed in a balanced way, applying equal rigor through all of the phases of the life of the project.
Project Management is Comprehensive! – Project management disciplines should be applied to manage consistently and deliberately all the work of the project through the entire life of the project.
Project Management is Integrated! – All aspects of project management should be aligned and coordinated as a means to ensure that all elements of project design, planning. monitoring and implementation run smoothly.
Project Management is Participatory! – Include a variety of stakeholders in the identification, design, planning, implementation, and monitoring of the project helps to ensure transparency, improve quality, increase human capacity and strengthen buy-in at all levels.
Project Management is Iterative! – Revisit and repeat project management processes through the life of the project to confirm that the project designs, project plans and intended results are still relevant. This practice also provides the opportunity to improve their accuracy of existing
project estimates and to plan for the next steps in the project.

The project lifecycle integrates predictive and iterative lifecycles and the key project management activities in one model as below

  • Project Identification and Design
  • Project Set-Up
  • Project Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control
  • End of Project Transition

Unique Project Lifecycle

The lifecycle is a pictorial view & it looks like this:

Project Management disciplines

The knowledge areas are reduced to six and highly tailored to the Development sector in a simplified narration. These are called disciplines of Project Management

  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Justification Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Proventures Maiden Workshop on PMD Pro

Proventures conducted their first 4day workshop based on PMD Pro during November 1,2,4&5 for M/S Living water India with 10 participants from various regions. 7 of 9 have successfully completed their Level 1 certifications.

We can pre-book the examination and take an examination at the end of the program.

Proventures conducted the workshop during the first 3 days and on day 4 all participants (except 1) took the examination.

Given below are some of the workshop pictures:

PM4NGOs Pulse survey

PM4NGOs have launched the PMD Pro Pulse 2019 – a survey to collect important data/feedback among project managers around the world. The survey results will help you to focus on their real need for project and program tools, guides, and initiatives.

You can take part in this survey following the link below and later we will share the global report that will help you to benchmark your practices


– P Seenivasan, PMP, PgMP, PMD Pro L1 & L2

Our Next workshop on PMD Pro

Proventures intend to launch their second workshop as a public workshop in the month of Feb-March. This would be a three-day workshop with 24 credits. After attending the program with one week of preparation one can complete the certification

Who can attend this program?

  • Project Managers and Field co-ordinators of NGO organizations
  • CSR leads from corporates
  • Certified PMPs who have passion for social endeavors and activities
  • Government staff and officers

The program fee will be 11,500 + 18% GST For more details write to [email protected] or call (+91) 8072437416

Our Upcoming Workshops

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