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Case study on advanced Resource Management Workshops for Sydney Trains – Australia


Proventures team share this case study through this blog/newsletter for the audience to know some of the business challenges they face on a day to day project executions and the possible solutions from the commonly used software solutions. If you have any questions on this we encourage to write to [email protected]

About the Organization

Sydney Trains is the suburban passenger rail network serving the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The network is a hybrid suburban-commuter rail system with a central underground core that covers over 815 km (506 mi) of track and 178 stations over eight lines.

The workshops – Overview

Through Oracle University, Proventures Education and Consulting Services Private Limited is entitled to deliver the workshops for 20 planning engineers and managers of Sydney Trains over two sessions each of 2 days. The first session was conducted on 13th and 14th of June 2018 and the second session on 13th and 14th of November 2018. The first session of the workshop was attended by 18 Managers and Planning engineers and the second iteration of the workshop is attended by 2 Engineers.

Pre- Workshop

The planning division of Sydney trains had been using Primavera P6 Professional for scheduling the projects. The engineers are well versed with using P6 professional for developing the schedule but are facing challenges when they are trying to plan the resources. Hence, they requested the standard course to be modified. Proventures had a series of discussions with the client through Oracle University, understood the requirements and customized the program to strip down the concepts of scheduling and include more detailed approach into the concepts around Resource Management in P6 Professional.

The workshop was delivered in an unorthodox approach by picking up one of the live projects of Sydney trains and having discussions around the challenges the team is facing over the projects and together developing a solution for the issues they come across while managing the schedule of their projects.

Challenges in Sydney Trains Projects

The day to day activities of the PMO of Sydney trains is picked up and discussed during the 2-day workshop. Few of the points for discussion are mentioned below.

  • Managing resource allocations over multiple projects.
    • As an organization, Sydney Trains is using Primavera P6 Professional which is a stand-alone version and will work independently in the respective planning engineer’s computer. Upgrading to an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution of Primavera P6 will centralize the resources through a resource pool and all the planning engineers can use the resources that are present in the same resource pool. Tracking resource utilization efficiency is possible.
  • Allocating the resources based on skill
    • Depending on the skill of the resource the duration of the task should be recalculated. Skill can be tagged to any resource as an additional attribute only can not impact the duration of the activities. Based on the skill of the resource the planning engineers should be estimating the duration of the activities.
  • Modifying the resource allocation in case of a nonlinear spread of work
    • The resource curves feature in Primavera can be used for modifying the resource allocations. Custom resource curves can be created and added for the resource allocations based on the requirements.
  • Updating the task progress
    • Updating the task progress and analyzing the variances has been a challenge. Discussed the different scenarios in which the task can be progressed and creating different layouts for variance analysis and updating the progress were discussed.
  • Reports on Resource utilization
    • The inbuilt reports of P6 are developed and the custom report requirements were understood and can be developed using Oracle BI Publisher. Based on some requirements the basic custom reports were developed using layouts and exporting the layouts as pdf for sharing to different stakeholders.
  • Risk Management
    • Risk management good practices were discussed, and we have identified, analyzed and assigned the risks to respective activities and resources. Necessary actions were planned, and plans are updated to analyze the pre to post mitigation scores of the risks.

The workshop is closed successfully and one more workshop is delivered after a couple of months for another set of planning engineers.

A group photo was taken at the end of the workshop to successfully close the workshop.

Workshop details

  • Dates: 13th -14th June & November 2018
  • Location:  Sydney, Australia
  • Resource: Vijay Prashanth
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • No. of Attendees: 20

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