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Meeting Management Tools and Technique | PMBOK

Meeting management system

Meetings are very critical in a Project Managers life. In many cases, managers spend 40-60 % of their times in meetings. It also takes away a lot of productive times of the participants. Hence managing meetings is a critical skill of the project managers. Any meeting involves the following three phases

Meeting Management

Preparation :

As the following question before preparing for the meeting

  • What is the purpose of the meeting?

The answer helps determine who should participate in the meeting. If someone cannot contribute, it is waste of time for them and their presence will make the meeting counterproductive.

The next set of questions are :

  • Do you want a decision/action?
  • Do you want to generate ideas?
  • Are you getting status reports, discuss the causes, issues, and solutions?
  • Are you communicating something?
  • Are you making plans?

Based on the above requirements the meeting should be structured.


The following are the guidelines and ground rules:

  • Circulate the agenda in advance so participants are prepared
  • Lay down the “ground rules”
  • Stick to the agenda and the time allotted for each topic
  • Limit “wandering” – keep people focused
  • Summarize what was said and ask people to confirm
  • Limit the length of slide presentations. Do not read slides. The participants can read for themselves.
  • Use questions or a “round robin” approach to drawing out quiet participants
  • Ask for objections upfront and document them
  • Ground rules might include “no side conversations” or “those who complain must offer an alternative”
  • Know your audience, including the “troublemakers”
  • Mobilize a buddy


  • Debrief, and determine what went well and what could have been done better
  • Evaluate the meeting’s effectiveness based on how well you met the objective
  • Get the participants’ feedback
  • Issue meeting minutes with decisions made, follow-up items and who is responsible and by when, and next meeting information (if necessary)

Where Meeting Management Technique is applied?

Within the PMBOK Guide Meeting Management Technique is used in the following process:

[table id=77 /]

Develop Project Charter

Management includes preparing the agenda, ensuring that a representative for each key stakeholder group is invited, and preparing and sending the follow-up minutes and actions.

Develop Project Management Plan

Meeting Management is necessary to ensure that the numerous meetings that are necessary to develop, unify, and agree on the project management plan are well run.

Manage Communication

Preparing an agenda, inviting essential participants, and ensuring they attend. Dealing with conflicts within the meeting or resulting from inadequate follow-up of minutes and actions, or attendance of the wrong people. Meeting management is taking steps to ensure meetings meet their intended objectives effectively and efficiently.



Article writer  P Seenivasan, PMP, PgMP, PfMP

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